Brown Kraft Business Cards

Brown Kraft Business Cards are a natural unbleached card stock with the texture and color similar to a paper bag.  Printed with full-color CMYK inks and White base ink for under printing or by itself.  The white ink can be used to enhance the color printing on the business cards by printing it under the color ink.
Choosing your size
• Standard (3.5″ x 2″): The traditional size and shape – fits in any holder.
• Square (2.5″ x 2.5″): Uniquely shaped cards that look and feel a cut above.
• Slim (3.5″ x 1.75″): A sleek and streamlined look that makes your card stand out.
Choosing your corners
• Standard: The traditional look, with clean 90-degree corners.
• Rounded: Quarter-inch rounded corners create a memorable, modern look.


Brown Kraft Business Cards – 18pt

Looking for natural brown kraft business cards with white and your choice ink printing?  Our kraft business cards have the option to add a white ink that is printed first and then CMYK colored ink printed on top.  Printing on top of the white ink makes the color print pop more.  Where the white ink is, the color ink can be printed on top of it.  You can also use the white ink on the Brown Craft business cards as a stand-alone color.

Looking for an alternative to gloss and polish? Kraft paper business cards are simple but striking. They stand out from more traditional cards, and they give off a cool, vintage vibe. The light brown paper stock works best with black ink, helping simple designs pop off the card.

Brown Kraft Business Cards Sizes and shapes

You’re not stuck to one size or shape for your cards.  We have a few different ones to choose from that you can be creative with and can design to fit your needs and brand.  From slim to square, you can choose the perfect size to fit.

Some Popular Styles Available For Your Custom Brown Kraft Business Cards Include:

Custom Spot UV Business Cards, Custom Duplex Business Cards, Custom Die Cut Silk Business Cards, Custom Die Cut Business Cards, Custom Foil Business Cards, Custom Cheap Business Cards, Custom Metallic Business Cards, Custom Square Business Cards, Rounded Corner Business Cards, Custom Standard Business Cards, and much more.


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